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Coconut Party at Centre Point

11 Jun 2018

Those who have spent time in Bangkok know that there is nothing better than a refreshing coconut treat after a long day of exploring the city. There is no better time than now to stay at any of the Centre Point properties around the city because you’re in for one of the most exciting events of the year. Centre Point is hosting a Coconut Party, inviting everyone who is staying at the properties to join in on the fun!

Centre Point has five properties across the city, each hosting their own Coconut Party at unique times:

  • Chidlom on 22 June 18 from 2PM-5PM,
  • Silom on 23 June 18 from 2PM-5PM,
  • Sukhumvit 10 on 30 June 18 from 1PM-4PM,
  • Thong Lo on 11 July 18 from 12PM-3PM,
  • Pratunam on 14 July 18 from 11AM-2PM.

If you’re really a coconut fanatic, be sure to reserve your stay at each to gain access to the festivities at the different locations. And the best part is that it’s FREE for all guests of Centre Point.

While each Coconut Party will be unique in every location, you can expect many of the same attractions. Of course the highlight of the event will be centered around the coconut. In Thailand, coconuts have always been a popular fruit. It’s well known for its savory flavor, health benefits, and abundant growth in the region. Thai have been enjoying coconuts for decades, creating some staple coconut dishes along the way. You’ll get a chance to taste some of the most popular coconut dishes at the Coconut Party.

The Coconut Party will be serving specialties including coconut ice cream, coconut jelly, and coconut water. You’ve probably never had coconut ice cream like that which is served in Thailand. The ice cream by Mueng-Krung is served directly from the coconut with natural flavor to cool you off in the Bangkok sun. Coconut jelly is a unique dish as well, made from the meat of the coconut. Coconut water is a very trendy drink now found around the world but you’ll be able to enjoy the most natural version of this beverage directly from the coconut. Don’t be shy about trying all of these coconut treats as there will be plenty of coconuts for all guests in attendance. The different types of coconuts (and ages of coconuts) give each coconut a distinctive flavor so no two dishes will be the same.

No major event is complete without having special prizes for lucky guests. The Centre Point Coconut Party will be giving out BIG prizes at each event for select winners. The rules are simple. To be chosen for a prize, all you have to do it use their special hashtag #CentrePointEvent on Twitter to help promote the event. This could potentially mean more guests for a bigger party and a chance to win at the event. It’s the perfect situation.

You won’t find another party like the Coconut Party in all of Thailand. This will be an event that you don’t want to miss.

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