SHA - Cleanliness and Hygiene Standards for Thai Hotels in the COVID19 Era



The COVID-19 pandemic has required people to make many changes in their lifestyles and daily routines. The term “New Normal” has become a more familiar term over the past few months. One important thing that has become the “New Normal” requiring particular attention and importance is public health measures.

The tourism industry is one of the main businesses driving the national economy, and the industry also supports large numbers of people. In order to build confidence for both Thai and foreign tourists, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Ministry of Public Health, and many organizations overseeing tourism in Thailand have joined together to create project guidelines for safety and health in the "Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA)" by appending safety and health measures to the service provision quality standards. Mainly, these standards are composed of the following three sections:


  1. Building characteristics, equipment, and appliances in buildings such as designating distances of at least 1 meter between seating areas and walkways, regular cleaning and sanitation of facilities in common areas and cleaning lifts with disinfectants, etc.
  1. Arranging cleaning equipment to prevent the spread of germs such as placement of disinfecting rugs at building entrances, the arrangement of alcohol gel hand sanitizer dispensers, etc.
  1. Protection for staff. The measures for each type of business are clearly specified such as taking employees’ temperatures before they start working, having employees wear facial masks while providing services, etc


Business operators involved in tourism including hotels, who have volunteered to participate in the project, will be required to pass consideration based on the specifications of the project in detail before receiving the aforementioned standard accreditation.

Our hotels in the Centre Point group are mindful of the best experiences of everyone who comes to use our hotel services. Thus, we have applied the standard measures prescribed by the project and we are proud to inform you that every hotel in the Centre Point group has been accredited by SHA. So, you can all be confident throughout your stay with us. In addition to receiving the best services, you can also be assured of the best standards in terms of hygiene for your best stay with us.


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