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Baan Khanitha: A Home Away From Home

Baan Khanitha: A Home Away From Home

Anyone visiting Bangkok will want to take in an authentic taste of Thailand.  Thankfully, the city is big and varied enough to offer you plenty of tasty treats and dishes.  Baan Khanitha, based in Sukhumvit Soi 23, is a much-loved restaurant which strives to give you as much choice and variety as it can fit onto its menu. It's been recognised as one of Michelin's Guide picks, which means it already has a keen following.  A Michelin review is always a good indication of fantastic quality cuisine and service, too!


Coming Home to Baan Khanitha

'Baan' is Thai for 'home' – and that's exactly what Baan Khanitha is trying to create.  Even before you get to take a look at their array of dishes, you'll step into a stunning, authentic Thai dining lounge. It's built and designed to create a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Take in some of the spectacular regional sculptures and artwork, and sit back and relax in the  special garden dining area.  Everything is embellished with wooden furnishings and decoration.  If you’re looking for a feast for the eyes as well as for the stomach, Khanitha is here to tantalise and impress.


Mouth-Watering Menu Specials

Of course, it is not just the atmosphere which drives people to the restaurant.  The Sukhumvit restaurant has a slate of specials and traditional dishes brimming with aromatic flavour.  Before visiting, do make a point of taking a look at the restaurant’s website.  They showcase some of their most popular dishes and delights.

For example, the restaurant is hugely popular for its seafood dishes and its curries.  Its lobster green curry, in particular, is mentioned by the Michelin Guide as a dish you may want to try as a priority.  Do also try some of their other seafood specials, such as the filling Ruam Mit Talayphao, or the beautifully dressed Yum Som O.

If you enjoy authentic Thai soups, too, Baan Khanitha will have plenty for you to choose from.  The restaurant has been creating unique twists on regional curries and soups for over 20 years. However, you can still expect to tuck into some home favourites.  In fact, the restaurant is a huge draw for local people, too. It's recommended for both Sukhumvit locals and tourists to try.


Make a Night of It

Khanitha is a restaurant in a prime location for many people touring the city and alighting at Sukhumvit.  The latest upgrades to the city’s subway system will let you hop on and off near the eatery with ease at MRT Sukhumvit. 

What's more, you shouldn't find it too difficult to find a comfy night's sleep nearby.  Centre Point is proud to host guests just across the road on Sukhumvit Soi 10, which means you can check in with us, head out for a delicious meal, and then head back to your room for a relaxing night's sleep. We've spent years aligning our hotels with the very best in Thai hospitality.


Michelin’s Best

When it comes to fine dining in Bangkok – and beyond – it makes sense to trust the Michelin Guide. We're proud to have set up so many fantastic hotel locations near to celebrated eateries in Bangkok and beyond.  However, we do genuinely feel that this particular restaurant is one of the best. It's a shining star in Sukhumvit.

Naturally, it is also extremely popular!  No matter what time of year it may be, you should always be ready to book ahead.  Make sure to use the restaurant’s online booking centre to secure your table.  With other restaurants and even a dining cruise offered by the brand, you may wish to book in for future visits, too!

Baan Khanitha is one of the most authentic and welcoming restaurants offering local and regional cuisine across Bangkok.  Therefore, once you’ve booked your room at our hotel in Sukhumvit 10, be sure to take a stroll out and warm up those taste buds!


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