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Museum - Kamthieng House

Kamthieng House Museum

One of the most incredible aspects of Thailand is that there are some unique and incredible quiet spaces in between the most bustling areas of Bangkok, which is constantly home to millions of locals and tourists alike. One of those attractions that are very well-known is none other than the Kamthieng House Museum, which has the distinction of establishing itself as a staple in Thailand for over a century now. The house was built 160 years ago and is made completely from teak. The museum is meant to offer a glimpse into traditional Thailand rural life.

The museum is sponsored by the Siam Society Under Royal Patronage, which was founded in 1904. The Siam Society exists to promote knowledge about Thai culture as much as possible and even publishes its own journal (titled The Journal Of The Siam Society). The Kamthieng House Museum is quite fascinating, but browsing the entire museum does take about an hour. As a result, this might not be the kind of museum that you plan the entire day around.

There is a lot to learn at the Kamthieng House Museum, and there are documentaries and presentations to help offer some historical context about the house. If you ever wondered what Thai village life was like, this is arguably the best museum in the world to understand and examine it. It’s easy to marvel at the way that the traditional Thai houses were built, and the layouts used in their architectural design. You just might find yourself enjoying the museum more than you expected!

One of the most interesting aspects of the Kamthieng House Museum is that it offers some insight into the Lanna lifestyle, which refers to a specific northern kingdom that later integrated into modern Thailand life. This kingdom had its own culture, values, and customs, and they are partially preserved thanks to this museum. Some might be interested to know that women held a tremendous amount of power in Lanna society. Specifically, women in Lanna society had inheritance rights, were heads of households, and owned property.

The Lanna society believed in animism or the idea that animals actually had spirits. As a result, a fraction of their customs and art were dedicated to appeasing the spirits within animals so that humans can live harmoniously. This is also due to the fact that Lanna society was an agricultural society, and more concerned about living in harmony with nature rather than dominating it in any sort of way. The culture also offers a deep respect for ancestors and their belief that they still play a role in the lives of their descendants.

The Kamthieng House Museum is an incredible attraction near Sukhumvit that might have you wondering more about the way that Thai people lived centuries ago. It also might open your mind to new ideas and perspectives about the way that we currently think about and interact with our ancestors and our natural surroundings.





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