Ideally located in the center of Korat on the upper levels of the Terminal 21 Department Store, Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21 Korat is the perfect base for exploring the city of Korat and surrounding areas.

Korat, also known as Nakhon Ractchasima, is located approximately 260 kms north east of Bangkok, and 190 kms from Khon Kaen, the nearest large city. Korat is known as one of the big four cities of Isaan and is located on the Korat plateau. The area itself has a long and complicated history. At different times it has come under the influence of the ancient Khmer and Ayutthaya kingdoms, and it has also been influenced heavily by the culture of Laos, as well as several indigenous groups. All this has combined to make it a unique and fascinating region with a distinct culture and atmosphere.

  • Centre Point Terminal21 Korat - Walkthrough Map

    Walkthrough Map

    Korat is easily reached from Bangkok by road or rail. If you choose to come by car or one of the buses that leave Mochit terminal several times an hour 24 hours a day, the journey will take you about 4 hours. There is also the option of arriving by train, which takes a little longer.

    Korat itself is a fairly spread out city, but there are many transport options for taking both short and long trips, including Grab and meter taxis, Song Taews, motorbike taxis, and eve TukTuks. For trips to places further outside the city it is also easy to arrange hiring a private car.

    There is no shortage of things to do and see in Korat and it’s surrounds, and we recommend that you try and visit as many of the following as possible.

  • Know Korat

    Know Korat

    Korat has recently become a popular travel destination and the city and its surrounds are packed with things to do and see, including scenic national parks, ancient temples and historical sites, and the chance to experience the unique food, music and culture of NE Thailand (Isaan).

    Our hotel is accessible to Terminal 21 Korat, one of the most modern and well-designed department stores in Thailand, is packed with shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities. St Mary’s hospital is also close by, ideal for medical tourists, and Korat bus station is virtually right next door. The area immediately surrounding the hotel also contains several local restaurants, coffee shops and a market. Speak to our hotel staff to find out the latest information about local attractions and places of interest.

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Don't Miss


Lady Mo (YaMo)

1.5 km | 3 mins

Thao Suranari, also known as Lady Mo (YaMo), is famous for the bravery she displayed against an invading army of Laos soldiers.


Save One Market

8.7 km | 16 mins

The bustling Save One Market is one of the largest night bazaars in Thailand. Busy and fun, you can find just about anything you want there, and it offers an incredibly diverse range of affordable new and second hand goods and products.


Phimai Historical Park

60.0 km | 53 mins

Learn about and experience an important part of Thai history at this beautifully restored ancient Khmer temple which dates from the 11th century.

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