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7 Korean Dramas that were fun to watch during quarantine

During the 14-day quarantine, if you don’t have any plan but think of lying down and watching movies until the end of the quarantine period, you may spend this period to finish 7 series. However, the difficult part might be when you have to make up your mind on which series you will start. We understand that situation well, so today we would like to introduce “the Korean series you can’t miss on Netflix”. It is the selected list to help you save your time in making a decision. The contents are entertaining and touching, including drama, comedy, fantast, and other genres you can choose to fulfill your moods, or you can go through the list for 14 days. Take your time and enjoy them to the fullest. Netflix is available in our guestrooms for this purpose.

  1. Law School: It is the series about law with dramatic content about crime and investigation of facts to identify the real culprit. The story is complicated and exciting. The audience may have new questions in every episode and act as detectives to find the truths. Secret characters will appear to surprise you one after another. The series consists of 16 episodes, and if you decide to watch it, don’t trust anyone in Law School!
  2. Vincenzo: A black comedy series with extraordinary fighting scenes. If you like a smart male lead, this series is a must-see. The mafia lawyer Vincenzo is super clever who makes another step of Korean dramas. There are 20 episodes for you to enjoy.
  3. Nevertheless: a romantic drama series depicting a story of relationships and attractions where the female lead can’t leave and move on from the male lead. She is tied with his romance as if she was a butterfly in his hand. One day, her childhood friend appears. Let’s see who is going to be the real owner of her heart. Nevertheless consists of 10 short, concise episodes.
  4. Zombie Detective: A zombie detective will make you laugh. One day, he wakes up in the forest and finds himself become half human half dead, but his still has human conscious. Therefore, he starts a journey to find his real self. Then, he accidentally sees the murder of a professional detective and takes the identity of that detective. Our zombie hero effectively practices to be human and ready to come back to the real world to find truths. This series consists of 12 episodes.
  5. Tale of the Nine Tailed: When the legend of nine-tailed fox becomes real, the female lead is destined to meet the bad fortune as her parents disappeared when she was a kid. However, with her guts, she could survive from devils. This is a well-recognized fantasy drama series you shouldn’t miss. This series consists of 16 episodes.
  6. Racket Boys: A feel-good series that would make your day with jokes, cuteness of the characters and heartwarming childhood dreams. When a badminton coach is in need of money to settle his problems, he desperately gathers the badminton players to train them to become champions. Although it’s hard to form the team, the training to ensure championship is even harder. Let’s see if they will succeed. This series consists of 16 episodes.
  7. Alice in borderland: A fantasy thriller in which 3 people have to join a dreadful game in the abandoned city of Tokyo. They are forced to compete to survive and the only one way to figure out who is behinds all these bloody rules is collaboration. The state-of-the-art plot will make you thrilled. It is a short series consisting of only 8 episodes.


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