A Thai Summer Dish you simply must try

The summer in Thailand is usually very hot, so it's important to stay cool and comfortable using any means possible, even by eating traditional summer food. One such dish that has been eaten in Thailand for hundreds of years to help beat the heat is Khao Chae, which translates to "rice soaked in water.” It is thought to have originated in Phetchaburi, southern Thailand but is now eaten across the country during the summer months. The dish is held in high esteem by Thai people as it is thought that it was introduced to Thailand by the wife of King Rama IV.


Although the dish has been adapted and modified over the years, the core ingredients remain the same, namely par-boiled rice ob tien, jasmine-scented water, side dishes and ice cubes. The side dishes included can vary from chef to chef, but common ingredients include deep-fried kapi (krill paste) balls made from seer or snakehead fish blended with lemongrass, finger roots and shredded pork, fish or beef, Chinese radish stir-fried with egg, shallots and paprika and served with fresh vegetables including cucumber, green mango and spring onions. If you'd like to cool down the traditional way this summer and planning to visit Bangkok, the staff at your Centre Point hotel will be happy to recommend the best restaurants to visit. Book your accommodation directly with us now and take advantage of our early bird promotions to secure the best possible rate.






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