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New Stations for Bangkok MRT Blue Line Announced


Travelling in and around Bangkok just got a lot easier!  The Bangkok MRT Blue Line has officially opened up an extension to its popular service, which will allow passengers comfortable access to the Grand Palace, China Town and more besides.  After offering free rides as part of a pilot scheme earlier this summer, tourists and locals are looking forward to the station extension. Indeed, if you want to make the most of Bangkok, it makes sense to take in the capital via the subway!


Bangkok MRT Blue Line Train Upgrades

What's even more exciting for travellers are the extra subway upgrades which have launched alongside.  The MRTA has worked with Siemens to bring in a brand new band of trains to help service the extension.  Therefore, you'll have access to more public cars than ever before. It's thought that around half a million people will be able to ride in these new trains. That's an incredible boost of convenience not just to tourists, but to local people.


What New Stations Have Been Announced?

If you take the subway in Bangkok regularly, you’re probably wondering where the new stations on the extension will be based.  There are eleven new locations available for you to board and alight at, such as Bang Khae, Phet Kasem 48, and Tha Phra.  The subway will also extend a little more underground, too, with stations at Sam Yot, Itsaraphap, Wat Mangkon and Sanam Chai being made available.

But that's not all.  You can also hitch a ride from Bang Phai, Lak Song, Bang Wa and Phasi Charoen.  After a summer of 'free ride' promotions went down as a storming success, the team behind the Bangkok MRT Blue Line are keen to welcome the city's public to their brand new transit upgrades. What's more, the new stations have been designed to reflect local heritage.  It all promises to be both convenient and eye-catching at the same time.


What Impact Will the Upgrade Have?

Ultimately, the Bangkok MRT Blue Line team are hoping to boost ridership on public transit by some very big numbers. It's estimated that, once all stations are in service, up to 800,000 people are expected to ride the rails each day.  Compared to current ridership of 350,000 pre-upgrade, that's a massive boost.

And why not? It's all being upgraded and put in place in the name of convenience for local travellers.  Those who know little about subway line intricacies will still benefit hugely from the new stations opening up on the line.  For tourists, in particular, it will mean that Bangkok opens up to them on a grand, new scale.

While the 'free ride' scheme may be over, that doesn't mean you should avoid taking a ride on the rails.  The subway is likely to be reasonably busy following the extension launch, meaning you may want to plan your journeys far ahead of time!


Find Accommodation With Ease

Anyone visiting Bangkok will be thrilled to hear that the subway upgrade will connect them to more hotels than ever before.  Here at Centre Point, we’re excited to announce that two of our flagship hotels, in particular, will be easier for travellers to reach.  Our Silom and Sukhumvit locations are based close to stations on the MRT line.

There’s no need to be concerned about finding a comfortable night’s stay in Bangkok while riding the new subway extension.  Centre Point hotels are based in the best neighbourhoods around the capital, including Chidlom, Pratunam, Silom, Sukhumvit and Thonglor. 


Getting Around Bangkok

Bangkok is easier to navigate than you may think.  Millions of people have welcomed the recent subway upgrade. It's not hard to understand why!  If you're planning to visit and tour the city in the near future, make sure to take advantage of the recent extensions.

The Bangkok MRT Blue Line is an important facility for millions of people each year. We're over the moon to see that it has been upgraded for the better.  Hitch a ride on the subway without delay!



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