Thailand Souvenirs – A World of Choice


Aside from sunshine, culture and the world's best cuisine, Thailand is also a world mecca for souvenirs of all descriptions. From the humble street stall selling keyrings and fridge magnets to world-class shopping malls selling homespun silk and fragrant spices, you really are spoiled for choice. Obviously, you can't buy every souvenir on offer as you would need to charter a private jet to bring them home, but with a little thought, you can find the right souvenir for yourself or your family. Clothing is an immensely popular choice of souvenir for all visitors to Thailand, from pure silk sarongs to Tuk-Tuk-themed t-shirts, Muay Thai shorts and everything in between. Spa products are also a perennial favourite for visitors from across the globe, as are Thai spices that capture the essence of the country in easily transportable gift sets.

We would highly recommend you take your time finding the best souvenirs due to the sheer amount on offer, so narrow down your choices before taking the plunge! Don't forget to hone your bargaining skills if buying from a street or market vendor, they expect it! All Centre Point Hotels are near the main tourist areas, so you certainly won't have any problems finding souvenirs for sale regardless of where you stay. If you need any assistance or would like to know where to buy a specific type of souvenir, please don't hesitate to ask any staff member at Centre Point, as they will surely know!

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