Celebrating New Year in Thailand

Although not the traditional Thai New Year, the 31st of December/1st of January is a time when Thai people countdown the New Year like most people across the world. How Thai people celebrate the new year differs from most other countries as the emphasis is firmly on sending family greetings and making merit at a temple. This is not to say that Thai people don't like to party on New Year's Eve, every street in every city will have a celebration of some description accompanied by food, drinks and, of course, music. Thailand marks the New Year three times rather than once! Namely the Chinese New Year, the Thai New Year - Songkran -  and the New Year as celebrated in the Western world. If you are planning a trip to Thailand during the Thai New Year, Chinese New Year or Western New Year, you can be assured of having a memorable time whether you travel solo, as a couple or with family.


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