The Legend of Loy Krathong

The Loy Krathong Festival is one of Thailand’s most notable occasions celebrated by Thai people, not only in Bangkok but around the world. Also called the "Festival of Lights," the festival falls on the full moon evening of the 12th month in the lunar calendar, (usually in November) people gather around the seashore, ponds and canals to launch their “Krathongs.” Constructed using lightweight wood, banana leaves, flowers, incense sticks and candles, Thai people launch their Krathongs and give thanks to the Water Goddess for the rain. From Bangkok to Pattaya to Korat and Phuket, many Thai people also use this occasion to wash away negative thoughts and energy and hope for good luck for the year ahead. It is also believed that if the candle stays alight until it is out of sight, it symbolises a year of good fortune for the person who launched it.


Aside from the spiritual side of the Loy Krathong Festival, launching the Krathong is a fun event and a spectacular light show, particularly if many people are launching simultaneously. There are often accompanying shows at Loy Krathong events, with the Nang Noppamas beauty pageant being one of the most noted. If you are planning a trip to Thailand for the Loy Krathong Festival and looking for decent accommodation in Bangkok, Pattaya or Korat, Centre Point Hotels are well worth considering. With a wide range of rooms for groups, families, singles and couples and regular promotions throughout the year, there is no better accommodation option for an unforgettable Loy Krathong Festival.

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