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Family Friendly Zoos in Bangkok and Pattaya

Family Friendly Zoos in Bangkok and Pattaya

There are plenty of tourists that are attracted to many different countries, cities, and cultures for different reasons. For example, there are global business hubs such as London and New York City that host thousands of conferences per year in various sectors, where entrepreneurs all hope to network and raise money for their respective organizations. There are newlyweds who take honeymoon trips and there are also families that wish to expose their children to new and exciting places.

Thailand still remains one of the world’s most exotic countries, and tourism is still a major factor in its growing economy. There are many reasons that this is the case. One example is the fact that Thailand offers rich traditions in terms of cuisine. Even in countries such as the United States, Thai cuisine is on the rise, and more chefs are experimenting with different recipes in order to meet the demand for many various Thai dishes. In addition, the country is also home to incredible jungles and beaches. In fact, Thailand was the backdrop for the idyllic psychological thriller The Beach, starring famous movie star Leonardo Dicaprio, precisely because of the country’s beauty and exotic scenery.

While these are both great reasons to visit Thailand, the truth is that there are also many family-friendly activities that Thailand offers. In fact, the country is home to many zoos that are world-renowned. One of the incredible options for families is Safari World, located in Bangkok, where children can watch feeding shows, be introduced to incredible animals such as dolphins, crocodiles, elephants, gorillas, tigers, lions, and more. It’s easy to see how children would be thrilled to see these animals live and up close.

The location of Safari World is quite strategic, as well. Since the zoo is close to the city, it makes it easier to stop by during a shorter trip. The tiger and lion feeding show, in particular, has been praised for how unique it is. Safari World is also considered an iconic tourist attraction that has thrived over the decades.

Of course, there are other options for those who aren’t staying in Bangkok. In Pattaya, the Khaokheow Zoo is known as an incredible tourist attraction that offers family-friendly fun, as well. The zoo has entertained both locals and tourists for over 60 years and has grown to become quite the destination. The zoo is also involved in many various natural conservation charities and organizations, as well.

KhaeoKheow Zoo is extremely dedicated when it comes to maintaining the integrity and welfare of the animals, and the animal areas are conveniently separated so that you can visit exactly what you need to see while you’re there. Whether you’re part of a big family vacation that includes grandchildren and/or children or simply want to interact with some exotic animals in an exotic city, check out these zoos while you’re staying at one of our Centre Point locations in Bangkok or Pattaya.



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