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Have some fun in the sun with a waterpark

When it comes to family vacations, we all want to make sure that the ENTIRE family has fun, and that means catering “un for all ages. One of the greatest ways to do that this summer is to visit a water park! It’s hard to deny the overall excitement and satisfaction of the many attractions that water parks provide, and Thailand is no exception. During the summer, when the kids are off from school, there’s no reason why your family shouldn’t be considering visiting some of the best waterparks in the Bangkok/Pattaya area.

One of the great benefits of Siam Park City, located in Bangkok, is the fact that it is not only a water park, but an amusement park, as well. In fact, it is considered one of Thailand’s most respected attractions. If you are looking for a great time with the family, Siam Park City boasts some of the most intricate rides and also the world’s largest wave pool! Its success speaks for itself, as it is the longest running water/amusement park in the country!

Adults who want to catch an incredible view of Bangkok can traverse up the Si-Am Tower, which is a stunning 109 meters high, and offers a 360-degree view. Older children and young adults who are brave enough can test their resolve on the Boomerang, a reverse roller coaster with three loops, as well.

There is even a Dinosaur Museum, so the kids can learn a bit more about the elusive creatures that are no longer here, a Condor that launches you into the sky, the “Trabant” (A UFO-themed ride), and much more. One of the newest attractions to the park is the Africa Adventure, which features animatronics of African wildlife, and even King Kong! The Topspin is an incredible water/amusement ride that launches you into fountains so that you can get wet while you are up in the air - and is fun for the whole family, as well.

Of course, there is also the option of checking out Cartoon Network in Pattaya. If your kids are a fan of Cartoon Network characters; this is a no-brainer! Cartoon Network is the world’s first Cartoon-Network themed water park in the world! One of the great aspects of this park is that there are constant deals and promotions which might help with respect to your finances on your Thailand trip, as well.

For children who love slides that twist, the Humungaslide delivers over 200 meters of fun! The Goop Loop is an interesting ride that involves a surprise drop that can be exciting, as well, and the Jake Jump (named after the “Jake” character from Adventure Time) also offers an incredible experience, with an uphill water blast during a drop that can make you feel “weightless”!

Even adults who visit water parks might end up feeling more childlike than before, and the whole family can enjoy themselves during the summer while also cooling down, thanks to the water! After all, waterparks are an incredible and affordable way for the whole family to have fun and let loose. Enjoy!

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